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Personal Injury Lawyer


For more than two decades, this firm has been serving clientele in personal injury cases in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Injury lawyer Ronald DeSimone, P.C. and the legal professionals at the firm located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, take both plaintiff and defendant cases, providing representation based on long-standing working knowledge of the state and federal court systems in addition to the Third Circuit Federal Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of the United States. If you are seeking a Pennsylvania injury lawyer, please contact us to set up a time when we can discuss your needs and provide you with the opportunity to discuss our successes and normal procedures in cases like yours.

If you’ve been injured or someone you love has been hurt, your life is very stressful and your obligations are many. You have medical bills, health concerns, mental and emotional distress and other issues that may make it feel like your options are limited in recovering the losses you’ve experienced. The firm specializes in cases such as yours and encourages you to take the first step in contacting us for an injury case consultation to discuss the situation and review your options. It is our experience that having options can be empowering especially in a time when you feel like you have limited control of what will happen. Whether a vehicular or construction accident, nursing home neglect, or other injury situation, acting as soon as possible is always better for optimizing outcomes. The sooner you contact an attorney and start things progressing as they should, the less time you give insurance companies to prepare their claim’s defense and thus the better your chances are of a positive result.

While no two cases are alike, the Law Offices of Ronald DeSimone, P.C., with more than twenty years’ experience handling a wide range of personal injury cases in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, is able to provide the expertise in litigation needed to protect your best interests. Contact us soon to begin.

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Charles F. – Charles sustained injury in a head-on motor vehicle accident while in the course of his employment. Charles’ injuries consisted of TMJ and lumbar herniation which was surgically repaired. As a result of this crash, Charles lost his inventory which was in the vehicle at the time of the incident. The firm was successful in replacing the damaged inventory; obtaining a cash settlement for the fair market value of his vehicle; personal injury damages in the amount of $425,000.00.




Werner G. – Werner sustained injury in an intersectional accident when his motor vehicle flipped on its side. Werner sustained injuries to his head in the form of a fractured skull and rupture of the menigrenal artery located in the doral sac of the brain. As a result of said head trauma, Werner received surgery in the form of a craniotomy and repair of the menigrenal artery. Residual injuries were sustained in the form of short-term memory loss. The firm was successful in obtaining social security disability benefits for Werner as well as a jury verdict in the amount of $400,000.00.


Lucas M. – Lucas sustained a work-related accident when a crane hit a scaffolding system which he was upon during the course of his employment. As a result, Lucas sustained injury to both shoulders in the form of rotator cuff tears and labrum injuries. Lucas sustained surgeries in the form of Bankart procedures to both shoulders. The firm was successful in obtaining workers’ compensation benefits for Lucas as well as personal injury damages in the amount of $185,000.00.


Albert I. - The firm represented Albert I. for a severe back injury that he sustained at work. Albert I. was awarded total permanency together with the Second Injury Fund. As a result, he will receive weekly benefits until he expires.


Michael D. – The firm also represented Michael D. who is an iron worker and sustained a series of injuries to his low back, shoulder and knees. The firm was successful in granting him various awards to various parts of his body as well as him being awarded total permanency benefits through workers’ compensation where he also shall receive weekly benefits until he expires.