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Social Security Disability & More


Social Security Disability:

The firm has represented numerous individuals in social security disability claims as well as social security insurance claims throughout the 20 years that the firm has been in existence. During that time period, the firm has been successful 98% of the time for all clients in gaining them their benefits.

Homeowner’s Claims:

The firm has represented over the years various businesses which perform public adjustment services to homeowners who sustain damage to their homes and make a claim on their homeowner’s policy for the repair. They are the middle men who help obtain monies for the extent of damage received to the home which is covered under the policy. When the insurance company breaches their obligation under the policy, the firm represents the individual homeowners in gaining them benefits through their homeowner’s policy together with bad faith damages and attorney’s fees. The firm has been successful in gaining awards for these homeowners’ claims.


The firm has represented numerous bankruptcy clients who were latent with debt and needed to file bankruptcy. The firm was successful in relieving those individuals of their debt and otherwise discharging same on their behalf. An example of the firm’s many successes is that the firm was able to discharge over $125,000.00 in Internal Revenue debt for one of its clients.

Foreclosure Mediation Program:

The firm represents individuals in foreclosure.   In that representation, the firm requests mandatory mediation in an effort to save their home.  Mark S., a client was losing his home in foreclosure and the firm was successful in renegotiating his mortgage.  This modification resulted in a reduced interest rate, the forgiveness of principal to the extent of the value of the home as well as extending the term from 30 years to 40 years.

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